What is a merchant security PIN?

- A security PIN is a tool designed for merchants to protect the credits in their account. - When merchants transfer the credits from their account to other accounts they would need to put in their security pins.

Why Need Security PIN?

- The security PIN is only visible to you. - You must enter the security PIN every time you want to transfer the credit to other accounts. - The merchant security PIN has been designed to secure the credits in the merchant’s account. Mig33 staff will never ask for your password or security pin. - You should NOT share your security PIN with anyone.

Who Need Security PIN?

- The security PIN will be limited to merchants.

How to Activate Your Security PIN

  1. Login through mig33 website www.mig33.com or the mig33 wapsite m.mig33.com to your Account> Merchant PIN> Create PIN
  2. Setup a secret question and provide that answer that only you know. Also, you need to provide your email address, which is NOT mig33 email address.
  3. After you confirmed all the information, the activation details will be sent to your email and you need to complete the instruction to activate the PIN.

How to Reset Your PIN

  1. Inform your mentor or country representative that you need to reset your PIN
  2. Alternatively, you can call mig33 and we will reset a new PIN for you

Recover PIN

When you fail to enter your security PIN, you need to:
  1. Login through website www.mig33.com or the mig33 wapsite m.mig33.com to your Account > Merchant Pin> Recover PIN
  2. Answer the secret question that you provide when you first activate the security PIN
  3. The security PIN will be sent to your email after you successfully provide the correct information and answer the captcha

How to Transfer Credit Using PIN

  1. Login to your account and go to Transfer Credit
  2. Enter the security PIN
  3. Enter the Username> Amount> Confirmed the PIN
  4. Proceed with the credit transfer